Monetize Your Traffic

AdeptClick's Publisher solutions maximize site revenue through targeted advertising inventory and innovative technology. AdeptClick offers publishers numerous channels to monetize their traffic. These channels include Domain, Email, Pop-Up and Search. Through a simple user interface, AdeptClick’s Publisher Program provides access to a rich inventory and variety of advertisers.

As a publisher, the most popular way to generate revenue is by placing AdeptClick’s sponsored ads onto your site or traffic sources. Publishers generate revenue based on qualified traffic, which your traffic sources generate for AdeptClick's advertisers. AdeptClick reaches almost $1 million in monthly advertising pay-outs to publishers.

AdeptClick provides quality support with our dedicated account team, when you create an account. Get full support by phone and/or email. AdeptClick's Publisher Program offers a growing suite of tools to help you maximize revenue with your traffic:
• US and International Advertiser Coverage;
• Real-time Statistics and Performance Reporting;
• Customer Support.

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